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Automation Products 

Our control system design services provide high quality, cost effective hardware and software design solutions for all aspects of electrical control systems. 

Electrical hardware design includes: 

  • Power Distribution 
  • Safeties 
  • Hard-wired Control 
  • AC Drives, DC Drives 
  • PLC I/O 
  • Communication Networks 
  • Cable and Conduit Schedules 
  • Camera selection 
  • DVR 
  • Sensors selection 
  • Remote terminals 
  • IP cabling 
  • Boom barriers 
  • Other automation units. 

Software design includes: 

  • PLC Machine Control 
  • Operator Interface 
  • Data Acquisition and Logging 
  • Information Systems 
  • Level 2 and ERP Interface 

Our experience with control system design includes a wide variety of industries and processes. See our Industries Served for a list of industries and processes.